Concerto Tech Paint Expertise Software


An easy operated expertise computer software which is applicable to various kind of paints.

  • Concerto Software is not ERP. The efficiency of Concerto is far beyond ERP. It is able to produce various generic type coatings, such as polyurethanes, epoxies, baking enamels and nitrocellulose, in a range of colors and batch sizes. Applications of these coatings include “color and performance critical” segments of automotive, product finishes applications such as bicycles, consumer electronics products, plastics, glass, metal, wood– and other special purpose coatings. This kind of flexibility does not require a huge tract of land nor does it entail ever expanding storage space and ever increasing operating costs.

  • The system is very easy to use once the basic information has been programmed. You are then free to mix the tint bases, fully formulated clear paint, clear intermediate (balancing clear paint), colorants, raw materials, and even colored paints to get the colors your customers want. The software will instantly calculate and amend the formula for the paints that have been designed. Calculations are completed easily and quickly to yield the needed formula from any combination of starting ingredients. The formula will be of the desired color, and will meet the required ratio of fully-formulated-resin component to curing agent for 2-pack products, as the software will ensure that the chemical equivalents meet stoichiometric balance and it controls the quantity of all raw materials, always yielding a formula that meets the physical and performance properties of the customer’s specifications.

  • Beyond providing instantaneous calculation capability, Concerto Tech can provide the know-how to transform your operating system into the most flexible, streamlined, and space efficient one possible. If you want to be able to increase sales significantly with the existing support infrastructure, thereby accommodating a wider range of customers, and the ability to move into new markets, all while minimizing overall operating costs related to stock and storage space –take advantage of Concerto’s consultation, tutorial and other support services.


An easy operated expertise computer software which is applicable to various kind of paints.

To produce all kinds of colored paints and coatings to meet the requirements of various applications and specifications is difficult and inconvenient for most coating companies. To achieve this capacity, the following conditions are necessary: strong research and development capacity; well-equipped and sufficiently staffed large scale factory and warehouse; lastly, large stock piles of raw materials.

Concerto Tech Company has designed a successful, innovative software for companies who do not have the above conditions. Now you can use Concerto Software to achieve, with very little capital, the diverse product portfolio and stable quality that is usually associated with big companies only. In addition, the Concerto Software is patented in several countries.